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11 Best Christmas Movies to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

2 years ago

Once more, it's that time of year! It's time to get into the holiday mood by watching some of the greatest Christmas movies while curled up under a cozy blanket with a cup of hot chocolate in hand.

11 Best Christmas Movies to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

The subject of Christmas movies divides opinion. Either you adore them or you despise them. Why is there no middle ground, though? There is such a diverse selection of movies that you may watch throughout the Christmas season, regardless of whether you like comedies, cynical perspectives, fairy tales, or redemption stories. There must be something that satisfies your needs among the options. That is why I have come to be here. I'll try my best to assist you in locating a movie about Christmas that is certain to put a smile on the face of even the Grinch.


What makes a good Christmas movie?

We all know there are (too) many Christmas movies available, but a good number of them are really dull and loaded with unimpressive tropes. What then constitutes a genuinely outstanding Christmas movie? For me, there must be a few essential components.

A feel-good element is necessary for a decent holiday film. It must be the type of film that makes you want to put on your best Santa hat, sing along to the songs, and laugh out loud. A strong plot and some fantastical elements are also required.

Having some clichés is also beneficial. Watching characters develop, face challenges, and get swept up in the wonder of the Christmas season is one of our favorite things to do. The best Christmas movies also all include a compelling message about friends, family, and unity and are all set in a beautiful winter wonderland. These nostalgic movies take you back to your early years when you sat by your lit tree and watched Home Alone or The Nightmare Before Christmas.

To assist you in finding the greatest Christmas movies to watch this holiday season, I chose movies that fit these criteria.


Best Christmas movie: the top titles

You'll discover a well-balanced mix of timeless classics and new Christmas movies on Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, and other streaming services because I know you're probably tired of the same old Hallmark stories every year. Get those cookies in the oven and prepare for your Christmas movie marathon!


1. It's a Wonderful Life

When it comes to holiday happiness, It's a Wonderful Life is the present that keeps on giving. It features snow, music, and a sense of togetherness which are all traditional elements of a sentimental Christmas film. Additionally, it perfectly encapsulates the genuine meaning of Christmas, which is compassion, charity, and redemption.

The nice and honest George Bailey reaches his breaking point when it appears that the Building and Loan that he has dedicated his life to protecting is in danger of failing. He has suicidal thoughts on Christmas Eve and wishes he had never been born. Clarence Odbody, a guardian angel, appears and gives him new hope.


2. Home Alone

Kids from the 1990s will concur that Christmas is never complete without the Home Alone series. There are now six films (wait, what?!) chronicling the exploits of a youngster who consistently finds himself at home alone over the holidays. But the first film, which starred a young Macauley Culkin, captured our hearts. He portrays an 8-year-old youngster in this film who must outwit two incredibly inept robbers who repeatedly attempt to break into his home.

Turn on Disney+ and enjoy if, by some Christmas miracle, you've never seen Home Alone. Even if you've already seen the film, a little Christmas season nostalgia won't hurt. Who doesn't like a good comedy, in the end?


3. Die Hard

Ah, Die Hard—the ideal holiday film! Everyone who sees it will undoubtedly concur that it is a true classic. Its outstanding cast, suspenseful action scenes, and catchy one-liners set it apart from all other films that were produced at the time—and even today.

Despite being a thrilling action movie, it is elevated to the rank of a perennial holiday classic by the film's surprising Christmas themes of forgiveness, community, and self-sacrifice. From the opening scene in which John McClane exclaims, "Yippee Ki Yay, m@%#*&$@#r!" through the one in which he sprints barefoot through broken glass to his catchphrase, "Now I have a machine gun. Unquestionably, the 1980s classic Die Hard will make you smile for many more Christmases to come.


4. Christmas in A Christmas Story

This year saw the release of A Christmas Story, the enduring 1983 holiday film, in its long-anticipated sequel. The now-adult Ralphie returns home with his own family in the new movie A Christmas Story Christmas to show them an "old-fashioned Christmas." He is also there to console his mother because he has just learned that his father has passed away.

Christmas in A Christmas Story comedy is less biting than Halloween's. It strikes those nostalgic Christmas reminiscence notes for those of us who identified with 11-year-old Ralphie but with a more honest tone. Despite being categorized as a family drama, this film will make you laugh, weep, and feel good inside because of its joyful conclusion.


5. A Nightmare Before Christmas

Every Christmas, you should watch and revisit Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas because it's a delight. Halloween and Christmas are combined in this horrific stop-motion film, which creates the perfect atmosphere for the whole transitional time.

Inadvertently arriving at Christmas town, Jack Skellington is from Halloween town. He is instantly mesmerized and decides he would play the role of Santa Claus because Christmas is now his realm. Due to his fascination with this occasion, the Pumpkin King kidnaps Santa in order to assume the role of the red-suited figure.

This is the tale of a misfit who aspires to succeed but is constrained by his peculiar personality traits from carrying out his goals "the correct way." You'll find yourself humming the movie's upbeat melodies all year long, and the narrative is enthralling.


6. Spirited

Imagine Will Farrell and Ryan Reynolds performing a dance number and a carol. You no longer need to fantasize, though! Spirited is here to transport you to the world of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. This, however, is a contemporary musical retelling of the well-known story and all of its variations.

Will Farrell's character, The Ghost of Christmas Present, is preparing to retire, but not before finding a successor. He focuses his attention on Clint Briggs (Ryan Reynolds), who is viewed as being beyond redemption. There is a lot of humor and upbeat entertainment as The Ghost of Christmas Present dedicates his life to saving Clint.


7. Miracle on 34th Street

This time-honored holiday tradition, Miracle on 34th Street, is a must-see every year. Even if playing in the snow or opening presents might be more enjoyable, viewing a 1947 Oscar winner can put you in the festive spirit.

Laughter, tears, and a ton of sincere holiday pleasure are all there in Miracle on 34th Street, which conjures up all the qualities of a popular Christmas movie. Additionally, Edmund Gwenn gives one of his most recognizable performances as Kris Kringle. Your heart will be warmed by his portrayal of Santa Claus, and you'll start to believe in miracles.


8. The Noel Diary

A love film with a joyful conclusion is The Noel Diary. Although no one can dispute that this movie has a lovely ambiance, Christmas isn't the major focus. Perhaps as a result of the pleasant decorations, Christmas music, and icy surroundings.

Due to the passing of his mother, Justin Hartley portrays a best-selling novelist who goes home shortly before Christmas. He discovers an old diary among his mother's possessions that provides him with insight into both his history and the past of a young woman who is seeking information about her biological mother. Along with finding the answers to their questions, their epic road journey will also cause them to fall in love.


9. The Santa Clause

Look no further than the '90s classic The Santa Clause if you've ever wondered how Santa fits down those little chimneys! The story begins with an accident that kills the real Santa and accidentally makes Scott Calvin (Tim Allen), a toy salesman, the new Santa.

Themes of atonement, family, and lighthearted humor are all present in this entertaining Christmas movie. Warning: this sentence contains a spoiler about how modern physics helps bring Santa Claus into every home for Christmas.


10. Something from Tiffany's

A Melisa Hill novel served as the inspiration for the romantic comedy Something from Tiffany's. Ethan, played by Kendric Sampson, is a man who is set to pop the question to his longtime love. But the earrings that a specific Rachel was meant to get as a gift from her lover were mixed up with the ring he bought at Tiffany's. When Rachel and Ethan meet to exchange the products, they feel an instant connection and begin to doubt their current romantic relationships.

Christmas rom-coms like this one are full of clichés, but sometimes we just need a straightforward feel-good film to watch with a cup of hot cocoa.


11. Falling for Christmas

What better time of year than the holidays for Lindsey Lohan to make a comeback? She plays a young, recently engaged heiress who has a skiing accident in the movie Falling for Christmas. She now suffers amnesia, but Jake Russell, the benevolent lodge owner (Chord Overstreet), steps in to help.

If you can't resist romantic comedies, you're in for a treat. Falling for Christmas is warm and whimsical, ideal for those sluggish holiday days. The magnificent setting immediately puts you in the holiday spirit. With this Christmas movie on Netflix, which has been available since early November, the presents definitely arrived early.


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